Fixed Fire Suppression Systems

Fixed Fire Suppression for Derby, Nottingham, Leicester

Fire Control UK is able to provide the most effective fire extinguishing solution irrespective of the size and complexity of the risk. Fixed Extinguishing Systems are able to detect a fire, shutdown equipment and extinguish the fire, typically within 15 seconds. This minimises damage and reduces the risk of serious injury and loss of life.

Fire Control UK is able to design, install and maintain Fixed Extinguishing Systems to comply to British Standards as follows:

CO2 Gas Systems to BS 5306-4: 2001

An Inert Gas, non-corrosive, with no harmful effect on most materials. It will not contaminate foodstuff. It disperses leaving no material trace.

Fire Trace Systems

Firetrace is an automatic self-seeking fire extinguisher which puts out fires where they start by means of a flexible fire detection and delivery tube. Firetrace provides highly localised fire suppression.

Control Equipment

It is vitally important the Fire Suppression System is triggered by an efficient fire detection system.

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